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Memory Lane Quilt Shop

Frequently Asked Questions 

and Common Quilting Terms

Provided by Memory Lane Quilt Shop

How wide is fabric? 
Most cotton fabrics we carry are 40”-44” wide.  It varies by manufacturer.
We also carry extra wide fabrics ranging from 90” to 112” wide.
Some specialty fabrics like Minky are 59”- 60”.

What does WOF or Width of Fabric Mean?
The width of fabric is simply the measurement between the salvage edge to the opposite salvage edge.   It is usually approximately 44.”   This is a term often used for cutting strips of fabric.

What does a Fabric Repeat Mean?
A repeat is simple a design that repeats every so many inches.   The width of the repeat varies.  Standard repeats are 12”, 24” and 36.”

What is a Fat Quarter? 
A fat quarter is a quarter yard cut that measures approximately 18” x 22.”   
A fat quarter is cut originally as a one half yard cut, then cut on the fold.   Yard widths vary…usually between 40” and 44.”  Because of this, a fat quarter varies in size from 18” x 20” to 18” x 22”.  

What is a Jelly Roll® or a Bali Pop®?
These products refer to strips of fabric that are 2 ½” x the width of the fabric.  Traditionally the come with 40 strips in a pack.   A Jelly Roll® is Moda Fabrics version.  A Bali Pop® is Hoffman Fabrics version.  Many manufacturers now make strip packs under a variety of names.  

Now you can even find them as half rolls, 48 strips in the pack or packs with 2 of 20 colors.   

There are many patterns that call for these pre-cuts. It is a great way to get a variety of fabrics that coordinate nicely for a scrappier quilt feel.  It is also a great way to save money, just think of how much it would cost you to buy ¼ yard of 40 fabrics to get the same variety.

What is a Charm Pack?
Charms are 5” squares of a variety of fabrics.  The number of squares vary in each pack.  It is a great way to get a variety of coordinated fabrics for your project.   There are now Mini charms which are 2 ½” squares of a variety of fabrics.

What is a Layer Cake®, Dime Pack or 10” square Bundle?
These products all refer to a variety of fabrics that are 10” square and bundled together.  Moda Fabrics version is called a Layer Cake.  Usually there are 40 squares in a pack, but it does vary.